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  Agricultural Machinery Belt
Agricultural Machinery Belt
With the increasing demand on advanced pertomance and more compactness of agricultural machinery including combined harvester,transplanter,atc.,serious reverse flexure of belts,large caloric power,and increasing impact of outburst load,the original belts obviously can't satisfy corresponding quality requirements.Technical innovation is made on our agricultural machinery belt.the production technique of raw edge V belts is adopted in agricultural belt.the principal material is made of best compound material with flexing resustabce,heat resustabce,and oil resustance,the material of the framwork is manufactured by special polyester stiff cord,completely meeting the special requirements of agricultural machinery.
Category: Agricultural Machinery Belt
Tags: Agricultural Belt | Agricultural Machinery Belt | Wrapped V-Belt | Wrapped V-Belts | V-Belt | Classical V-Belts | Combine Harvester Belt | Classical V-Belt

  Banded V-Belt
Banded V-Belt

Banded V-belt is made up of strong high modulus threads and special chlorprene rubber is vulcanized to shape one time in good quality.And it has the equal bear force. move placidity.The weight bearing force is high.and it last seldom twist or is fit for occasion which is transmisson burthen and concussion librate.

The belt is connected according to required number when a few V belts are required for one belt pulley to prevent the reduction of the service life due to non-uniform belt lenght.

Category: Banded V-Belts
Tags: Banded V-Belt | Banded V-Belts | Banded Belt | Transmission Belt | Transmission Belts | Wrapped Belt | V-Belt | V-Belts | Timing Belt | Rubber Belt | V Belt

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