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 Zhejiang Kaiou Transmissions Belt Co.,Ltd.

Date: 2009/7/29
Zhejiang Kaiou Transmissions Belt Co.,Ltd comes from the Sanmen rubber Synchronous Belt Factory. It is a joint-stock company established in 1990. The total investment is RMB28 million and the registered capital is RMB 5 million. Now it has 458 employees among which 38 are senior staffs, engineers and technicians. With the continuous extension of the transmissions belt application and markets expanding both home and abroad, the company is growing year by year. Covering an area of 88828 square meters, among which 9680 square meters are building, the company reaches annual production of RMB 20 million. It keeps a leading position and is well known in the industry. In the newly established plant of 6667 square meters, the new production line of V-belts is being installated. With that line, the production can be 36 million pcs more annually.

Our company owns over 200 hundred sets of various equipments that include the worldwide advanced level ones in V-belt production line, timing production line, rubber compound production line, precise extruder, and machines for inspection. These advanced equipments make our company keep up with world level at different developing stages. With over 3600 sizes of models we can meet the demand of our customers.

Our company manufactures "Kaiou" brand rubber products including Raw-edged V belt, Ribbed V belt, timing belt for automobile and industrial, Variable speed belt, Flat belt, Wrapped V belt, Narrow V belt, Banded V-belts and various miscellaneous rubber parts. The main application fields of our products is automobile, motorcycle and household appliance. The domestic market share, the output and sales volume of our leading products V-belts, Timing belt and ribbed V belt are in the head of china rubber factories. Our products are used to form a complete set for the products of many enterprises. And they are also exported to some countries and regions in Europe, america, Middle East and South-East Asia.

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